We work with internal comms, leadership and learning teams to deliver leading edge corporate films and training.

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 Primed Media are a rare find – combining world-class production skills with creative vision and learning expertise. The team is full of smart, helpful, flexible, innovative experts – they keep things simple and that delivers brilliant results. 


 Video content needs impact early and the Primed Media team get the message over fast, which has delivered an incredible response. Professional directing and editing provides polished and focused video content that is creative, interesting and gets the message across. 

Johnson & Johnson

 Primed Media’s creative vision, easygoing way of working and ability to deliver on time and on budget meant the videos exceeded my expectations. The whole process was super-smooth and the end result remains one of the most-used pieces of video in BP. 


 Primed Media are very easy to work with. The team are friendly, have a great sense of humour and are flexible and responsive - all important factors when trying to pack activities into a very full day. I found the outputs high quality but very ‘real’, without any hint of being ‘manufactured’. 


 Primed Media create films that captivate an audience and make them smile. They have a creative vision, a highly organised mindset, and create great rapport with everyone they meet. I've worked with Primed Media to make films and deliver film-making training. They were highly professional and passionate about both projects. 


 Primed Media are consummate professionals and 100 per cent reliable. Not only are they world-class film-makers and editors - they also offer excellent advice around video strategy and developments in the technical world. We know we can rely on Primed Media to deliver the highest quality products every time. 


 I only work with suppliers I can trust. Their professionalism and passion takes the sting out of any project and always delivers quality results. Primed Media’s years of experience in business also allow them to add value to the projects, offering creative solutions and challenging conventional thinking. 

PA Consulting


Our clients

BP - Oil industry company
McLaren - Autosport team
PA Consulting: PA, an innovation and transformation consultancy
New England Seafood - Importers, processors and wholesalers of fresh fish and seafood
Philip Morris International - Cigarette company
BBC - Broadcasting company
Aviva - Insurance company
Johnson & Johnson - Pharmaceutical company

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