Case study: BBC

Executive leadership

Case study: BBC - Executive leadership

The problem

Do you want your leadership team to be more influential across your business?

BBC Internal Communications wanted to re-engage their younger audience and improve visibility of the senior executive team across the organisation.

The solution

We created a series of interviews of well-known performers around the BBC.

We also filmed short informal films of the senior executive team. This Included Tony Hall (Director-General) and Anne Bulford (Deputy-Director General).

Having monthly 30-second challenges and informal interviews was culturally a new move. It improved visibility of the executive leadership team by giving them a monthly channel to communicate to staff.

BBC Design and Engineering

The problem

Are your employees engaged by your current internal communications? BBC Design and Engineering (D&E) were having problems recruiting into their division.

The solution

We pitched a short film highlighting the benefits of working for D&E across London, Salford and Glasgow. The film had to be diverse, insightful and in line with the BBC values.

The film achieved 18,000+ views on LinkedIn.

BBC Safety

The problem

The BBC wanted to revamp their existing e-learning safety course for 20,000 internal staff. The existing course was 12 hours long.

The solution

We used performance support and peer-to-peer learning as the main themes of learning.

Our team held focus groups before, during and after, making sure the audience was at the heart of the resource.

We created a series of films featuring BBC staff across Entertainment, Sport, Drama, News and Radio. The focus was on solving challenges uncovered in the focus groups.

We used stories, experiences and advice, mixed with BBC programme material, to bring the films to life.

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