1-day film-making masterclass

1-day workshop: Film making masterclass

A 1-day workshop on how to make video. We’ll provide all the kit you need and you get you to ‘fail fast’ and quickly learn how to succeed. The course is scenario based and taught by ex-BBC staff.

Why do it?

When you can shoot on your own you don’t have to rely on anyone else. We give delegates the knowledge and freedom to create their own films.

Course content

The 1-day filming fundamentals will get your team up to speed. It covers:

  • The kit
  • Your responsibilities
  • Safety
  • Planning and scripts
  • What makes up a good film
  • Shot sizes, composition, sound and lighting
  • Interviews, cutaways and sequences
  • How to do it yourself

We cover a number of challenging scenarios throughout the day and you leave with a brand new skill-set.

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